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The Dragonfly

 Companion Suit Card: The Dragonfly (Sixth Chakra Guide)

The Companion Suit is one of four card suits used in SoulCollage. It represents the animal energies or guides associated with each of the seven chakras or energy centres in the human body.

During a SoulCollage visualization exercise, a dragonfly appeared to me when I focused on my sixth chakra or third-eye centre. In the U.S. southwest tradition of the Hopi, a dragonfly can symbolize breaking through illusion.

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In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the third-eye centre is known as the inner eye or power centre, a portal to higher consciousness, clairvoyance, and visions. I chose this card image as the visual motif for my business card.   

I AM ONE WHO breaks through the bondage and illusions of the ego and finds freedom and expansion in the Greater Self.  



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