Council suit: The Red Shoes


I like to keep my SoulCollage cards in wooden boxes, available online through Hanford Mead. These are made to order expressly to hold SoulCollage cards. I had fun decorating my boxes, both inside and out. I have done collages on three boxes . . . so far.


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The most comprehensive website available on SoulCollage® is the one created by SoulCollage® founder Seena Frost. On this site, you can find SoulCollage® facilitators in your area,  products,  card readings and more.

Seena’s book SoulCollage – An Intuitive Process for Individuals and Groups is a great resource with many photos of cards and explanations of each suit.

Here are a few offerings from trained SoulCollage® facilitators:

An eclectic mix — Anne Marie Bennett in Massachusetts shares her passion for the cards and offers teleclasses, e-books and more.

Dream interpretation — Krista O’Connor uses SoulCollage in dream interpretation, creating dream-related images on cards.

Trauma work — Two women in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada — a marriage and family therapist and a social worker — use SoulCollage with their clients and have created trauma cards as an additional aspect.


Other SoulCollage resources

Daily Oasis by Mili and Johnny Dillard — This daily posting of a SoulCollage® card shares inspirational cards and “I am One Who” phrases from many SoulCollage® facilitators

“SoulCollage: Fall in Love with Yourself!” by Anne Marie Bennett (includes “9 Steps to Your First SoulCollage Card”)

“Using SoulCollage with a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer” by Anne Marie Bennett

Article “How to Keep a SoulCollage Journal” by Serena Makofsky

SoulCollage Article by Suzie Wolfer

SoulCollage Blog (by Sue Gelber) and Info on Waterbearer SoulCollage cards Exhibit

Cancer treatment, recovery, and healing: SoulCollage facilitator Ann Marie Bennett shares a powerful series of cards made before and after her mastectomy surgery and chemotherapy

Other Therapeutic Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques — offered by Dana Williams on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada